Heidi LaPlant, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Specializing in relaxation therapies and routine maintenance for targeted chronic pain.
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I have written this Testimonial for Heidi LaPlant’s new website because I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing any kind of licensed massage therapy.

For years, I had been wanting to go for a massage. I have a considerable amount of stress in my career and in my personal life; and because I do a lot of computer work, I often suffer from neck and shoulder fatigue. Several people I know have told me how therapeutic and relaxing a massage can be. I was feeling very reluctant to go for a massage because I was embarrassed of my body and it’s such a private thing. So because I lacked the self-confidence to bring myself to going for a massage, I denied myself the wonderful benefits that I was being told by everyone.

Then, my mother-in-law recommended a massage therapist she had been seeing for pain management, and that she was generally having good experiences with. So, I got the nerve to make an appointment to see her massage therapist. Although I was very nervous because it was my first time, they were a good massage therapist and it seemed like it was helping. However, because they worked out of a room in their home, something in their household environment, caused my sinus allergies to flare up. So I stopped going to this person and then it was a long time before I went to another massage therapist again because a family member had taken ill and I became their caregiver, which gave me no time for anything. After a significant period of time had passed, my need for having a massage was increasing. My stress levels were increased to a maximum. At that time, I was having a lot of neck and shoulder discomfort from my computer work and from spending many hours caregiving for a family member at the hospital, sleeping there overnight in a very uncomfortable hospital chair.

Then, a friend, whom I trust completely, recommended Heidi LaPlant. So I made an appointment to see her and it was a wonderful massage experience. Heidi schedules appointments with her clients either in their own home or at her place of business; whichever is most convenient for the client. So, due to the not so great experience with the previous massage therapist that I was seeing, I thought it might be best if I scheduled an in-home appointment with Heidi. Although it was more expensive to do this, I was more comfortable and less anxious about meeting Heidi and being unclothed in my own home. Although I was still insecure about my body, experiencing Heidi’s sensational personality and disposition made me forget about all my hangups and we were able to focus on all my pain and stress areas across a series of appointments; with significant progress made during the very first appointment. The peaceful music and aromatic therapy oils that Heidi offers, at no additional charge, made my appointments so soothing and restful for me. Heidi changed my life and I am so appreciative for the personal attention that she gives during an appointment. She takes the time to get to know you as an individual, and not as a headcount or like she’s meeting a quota, like a franchise massage center.

I feel very comfortable working with Heidi and I think you will, too. To this day, I continue to see Heidi and consider her to be one of the finest in her field. It is without question that I would highly recommend Heidi LaPlant to be your Licensed Massage Therapist.

Gary Manuse